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GPNC Manual

This document intends to spells out how everything works in plain English: What do you do when you first join the board? How do you complete your city-required training? What are the committees and why should you join? What are the liaisons and what can you accomplish in those roles? How does our website work? How can you help maintain it? And so on. Everything you need to know, explained to you, so you’ll have a lot fewer questions as a newcomer.

This documentation is in its infancy, so bear with us.  We’re always looking for new content to add to the manual, and as such, it may always be a work in progress.  Got a question about how something works that isn’t well-documented (or is hard to find)?  Let us know (use the form at the bottom of this page)!  We’ll use the feedback we receive to improve this documentation.  


TRAININGS (coming soon!): required trainings for board members, alternates, and committee members: Information coming soon. 

ADDING TO AN UPCOMING AGENDA: GPNC Board members are encouraged to actively steer the direction of the board’s activities based on input from constituents, community feedback, and ideas based on experiences within the board, committees, or liaison positions. You can do this by adding items to an upcoming agenda so the board may discuss and possibly vote on the topic.

SETTING UP YOUR GPNC EMAIL: (coming soon!) Members of the GPNC Board, board alternates, committee chairs, and GPNC liaisons have a email address. These instructions show you how (& where) to log in for the first time, and how to manage the private email address(es) your email will forward to. Also included are tips on setting up a GPNC-specific gmail account in case you don’t want GPNC emails co-mingling with your private email but still only want to log into one email account to retrieve your email (this is the preferred setup for most of us).

HOW TO USE GOOGLE DRIVE: (coming soon!) Members of the board (as well as certain other committee or liaison positions) require you to access—and sometimes edit or add content to—the GPNC Google Drive, an online shared file management system. GPNC uses it to store agendas & other documents as well as graphics we need to access frequently for day-to-day business. Some graphics for the website/social media are simply stored within WordPress, but this documentation will explain the basic structure of the Google Drive and what’s stored there, as well as how to gain access & work within the Google Drive environment.


HOW TO CREATE AN AGENDA: Agendas are created and stored on google drive, and when the document is created, it is automatically visible from the website (the agendas page displays the contents of the google drive folder), so it does not depend on anyone from the WIT committee to “post” your agenda to the website. It is already posted when you create it. For agendas which are still in progress, be sure you place the word DRAFT in big red letters at the top, and remove when the agenda is finalized.

MANAGING YOUR COMMITTEE EMAIL ROSTER: (coming soon!) Each committee chair manages their roster by logging into the mail server for their committee’s email address and clicking on the settings tab. These instructions show where to log in and how to change these settings (it’s super easy)!


POSTING INSTRUCTIONS: If you have a news item, event, etc. that you would like posted on the home page News Blog, send an email to the webmaster with your content and any graphics that should be included (if it's just an event flyer, attach the flyer).  Send to with "New Item for Posting" as the subject.

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